Real Madrid star unhappy with new contract rumours & interested in moving to Old Trafford?

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the rumours have already started to circulate on the internet. The most obvious of these is the interest of Real Madrid in the services of Cristiano Ronaldo.
However, the Portuguese has already stated that he will leave the club, and it is clear that the club does not want to lose him. The player is the most important player in the team, and he is the main reason for the success of the team.
The Portuguese has been at the club for several years, and this is the reason why the club is always trying to get rid of him. It is obvious that the player will not stay at the Santiago Bernabeu forever, and so the club will try to get him a new contract.
This is not the first time that Real Madrid has been in the news for such a thing. In the past, the club has had a contract with the player, but he did not want one. The club tried to get a new deal with him, but the player refused to sign it.
It is clear now that the Madrid team will not be able to compete with the leaders of the Old Trafford, Manchester United, for a place in the Champions League zone. However, the fans can still hope for the best.

The club is trying to find a new striker, and one of the main candidates for the position is the Spanish player, Sergio Ramos. The Madrid team is very interested in the player and wants to sign him.
There are several reasons for this:
1. Real Madrid is interested in signing Ramos, because the player is still very young, and does not have long to live.
2. Ramos is a good player, and his contract with Real Madrid was very good.
3. Ramos has a good reputation in Spain, and many Spanish fans are interested in him. This is why the Madrid club is interested.
4. Ramos’s contract with Madrid was for 5 years, but in the last season, the player managed to get an additional year.
5. Ramos was able to score a lot of goals, which is a very good sign for the team’ situation.
6. Ramos managed to score many important goals, and at the same time, the team was able not to lose points.
7. Ramos scored many important and important goals.
8. Ramos did not make many mistakes.
9. Ramos can score from all positions on the field.
10. Ramos knows how to use his feet.
All this is why Real Madrid wants to get Ramos.
Will the player agree to the terms of a new long-term contract?
The player has already said that he wants to leave the Madrid, and now the club wants to find the best possible solution for him. However there is no doubt that the team will try everything to get the player to stay.
One of the most obvious solutions is to get Sergio Ramos to the club. Ramos, who is 30 years old, is still a young player, so he needs time to adapt to the team and its style of play.
In addition, the Madrid players are interested not only in the transfer of Ramos, but also in the signing of another player. This player is not a specialist in the position, but it is obvious how important he is for the club and the team’s position in the standings.
Real Madrid’ transfer policy
The team is trying not to miss the Champions league, and they have already managed to do this. The main problem is that the players are not able to perform in the domestic championship, but they have managed to perform well in the international arena.
Many fans are waiting for the arrival of Cristian Tello, who will be able not only to fill the gap left by Ramos, and to help the team in the fight for the champion title, but to also become a leader of the club in the future.
Of course, the main problem of the Madrid squad is the lack of motivation. The team has not won the Champions cup for a long time, and there is a feeling that the season will be long and difficult.
Fans can still count on the team to fight for a higher position in La Liga. However the team needs to find its game, and if they do not do it, then it will be very difficult to compete for the title.
If the team manages to win the Champions, then they will have a chance to win it again.
Team’ transfers for the new season
The new season of the Champions will be interesting not only for the fans, but for the players as well. The transfer policy of the Real Madrid team has changed, and a lot has changed.
First of all, the players will not have to wait for the departure of Cristi, because he has already left the club to join Juventus. The Juventus team is a real rival of Real, and Cristiano will be a real burden for the squad.
Also, the transfer policy has changed now, and Real will not buy players from other clubs. The players will be allowed to leave, and will be free to choose their club.
Another important change is the signing by the club of the Spanish midfielder, Sergio Busquets. The new player is a young, talented player, who has already managed not to make mistakes and score many goals.