FIFA needs to change its rules on transfers

FIFA needs to change its rules on transfers, and it needs to do it soon

The latest news on the transfer market is not encouraging. The transfer window is coming to an end, and the new season is already starting.

The main transfer news is the appointment of Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the new head coach of Manchester United. The Swede is a good choice, because the club has a lot of problems.
The club has lost a lot in the transfer window, and this is not surprising, because it has been losing money for a long time.
Manchester United is in a very difficult situation. The club has no good options for the future, and so it needs a new coach. The new season starts, and Zlat has to do his best to save the club.
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Football news on fscore
The transfer campaign has already ended, and now it’s time to look at the results of the last games.
In the last season, the club managed to finish in the middle of the standings, which is a real success. The fans were happy with this result, because they saw the club in a good shape.
However, the team needs to improve its results. The last season was a real failure, and there’re a lot to fix. The main problem is the lack of motivation.
Zlatan’ s appointment as the head coach is a positive sign. He’ll be able to motivate the team, and he’d be able not only to get the club out of the middle class, but also to get into the top-4.
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Latest news on football matches
The new season of the English Premier League is already in full swing. It’stime for the new campaign, because there are only a few matches left.
Among the most interesting matches are the games between Tottenham Hotspurs and Aston Villa. The match was really interesting, and both teams played really well.
Tottenham Hotspur won the first half of the match, and then Aston Villa took the second half. The game ended in a draw, which was really surprising for the fans.
This is another good sign that the season is starting well for Tottenham Hotspur. The team is in great shape, and is in the top 4 of the EPL.
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Fscore is available to everyone, because you can follow football results in your mobile phone. This will be convenient for many people, because many of them use their smartphones only for watching the live football.
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The season is almost over, and many football matches are already over. It means that the new one starts soon.
During the last campaign, the English premier league was really exciting. The teams played against each other, and fans could see the results in real time. This was really cool, because not only the results, but the emotions were also shown.
One of the most popular matches was the game between Tottenham and Aston. The first half was really tense, and a lot was at stake. The final result was a draw.
At the end of the game, the fans could watch the emotions of the players. They were really happy, and they celebrated the victory.
Another interesting match was the match between Manchester United and Chelsea. The two teams played for the first time in a long while, and their fans were really impressed.
Chelsea won the match with a score of 3:0. The score was quite unexpected, because in the previous match, the score was 2:1.
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New season of Serie A
The start of the new Serie A season is really exciting, because already a few rounds have passed.
Last season was really successful for Juventus, and everyone was really happy with the team’slast place in the standings.
Juventus has a number of problems, but they are not the main ones.