What will happen to Cristiano Ronaldo’s son?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the most popular football players in the world for a long time. He is the best player in the history of the game, and he has won the Ballon d’Or. He has won many titles, and this has made him one of those players who are considered the main favorites of the season.
However, this season, Cristiano is not the only star of the Old World who is in the best shape of his career.
This is the reason why the Portuguese player is not in the top 4 of the best players of the world. This is also the reason that the fans are waiting for the return of the player who was the main favorite of the previous season. However, it is not so easy to predict the future of Cristiano.
The player has a contract with the club, and it is possible that he will leave the club at any moment. It is also possible that the club will try to buy him. This will be a real problem for the club.
It is also worth noting that the Portuguese star is not very active in the transfer market. He does not make a lot of transfers, and his main goal is to win the Ballons d‘Or.
If Cristiano leaves the club for a new club, then the club can buy him, but the price of the purchase is very high. It can cost more than 100 million euros.

If the player leaves the team, then it is very difficult to find a replacement. This means that the team will have to play without Cristiano for a few months.
Will Ronaldo leave Juventus?
It has already been a long period of time since the departure of Cristian. The last time the player left the team was in the summer of 2016.
Juventus is one of Cristiane’s favorite clubs. The club has a long history, and the fans have always been waiting for a star player from the Old Continent to come to the team.
In the last season, Juventus was in a good shape, and Cristiano was one of its main stars. The player was able to win many trophies, and in the last campaign he won the Champions League.
After the departure, the fans were disappointed, because the club has been in a bad shape for a while. However it is worth noting the fact that Juventus is one the best teams in the Old Europe, and they are able to play in the Champions league.
Consequently, the club is able to get the maximum out of the players who leave the team for other clubs.
Fans have long been waiting to see Cristiano again, and now it is much easier to do this. The Portuguese player has already left the club before, but it is still possible that Juventus will try and buy him again.
What will be the future plans of Juventus?
The club has many problems, and there are many rumors about the future. However the fans still have high hopes for the team and the players.
One of the main problems of the club are the transfers. The players have to be bought, but there is a high price for them. This price is 100 million.
Many fans are disappointed with this price, but Juventus is a very rich club, so they will be able to pay a high amount of money for the players’ transfers.
Another problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The team has not been able to show its maximum for a very long time, and many fans are not satisfied with the results of the matches.
At the end of the last championship, Juventus had a very good season. The main star of this season was Cristiano, who won the Champion title.
Now the team needs to find its motivation, and if they want to achieve the maximum, then they need to buy a new star.
Who will be Juventus’ new star?
The main star that Juventus needs to buy is a player who can replace Cristiano in the team’ goal. The new star will be very important for the fans, because they will not be able not to see the player in their favorite club. The star will have the ability to score a lot, and Juventus will be one of their main competitors.
There is a good chance that the player will be bought by Juventus, and then the price will be 100 million for the transfer. This transfer will be an excellent opportunity for the player to leave the Old City.
Of course, the price for the new star is high, but this is the price that Juventus has to pay for the good performance of the star. The transfer of the new player will allow the club to get a new player who will be in the perfect shape for the upcoming season. Juventus has a lot to do, and a new transfer will help the team to achieve its goals.
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