West Ham targeting the signing of unsettled Bilbao striker Aduriz on an 18-month deal

The Spanish player is a player who has already been in the starting lineup for the Citizens for several years.
The club is also interested in the signing, but the player’s representatives are not ready to agree a long-term deal.
Aduriz is a promising player, who is able to score goals from any position on the field. He is also a good passer of the ball, who can be used in several ways.
However, the club is not interested in a player that is not able to play in the Champions League. The club is looking for a player with good technical skills, who will be able to become a leader on the pitch.

Adariz’ representatives are trying to find a solution to this problem. They are willing to sign the player on a temporary basis, but this is not easy for the club.
In order to get the player, the team will have to pay a high price. The price of the player is around €20 million. This is a high amount, but it is not a problem for the team.
Bilbao will have a difficult time in the transfer market, but they have a number of options to improve their situation.
They can sign a player from the Valencia team, who has been in great shape recently. The player will help the team to get into the Champions league zone.
Valencia’ players have already scored a lot of goals in the Europa League, which is another option for the players of BilbÃ’.
Another option is to sign a young player from Spain, who could become a good addition to the team’ squad.
There are a lot more options for the Bilbaines, but if the club does not want to lose a number one player, they have to make a serious effort to find another solution.
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The team is in the middle of the Champions tournament, but their position in the standings is not very good. The team is currently in the 4th position, which means that the team has a chance to get to the playoffs.
This season, the Spanish club has a number 1 in the lineup, but he is not the main player of the team, because the team is not in the best shape.
It is also worth noting that the club has not won the Europa league for a long time. This fact has become obvious to the fans, who are waiting for the start of the new season.
If the team manages to get out of the 4-5th place, then they will be in a real competition for the place in the playoffs, which will be very difficult.
Team’ position in La Liga table
The Spanish team has been fighting for the first place in La liga table for several seasons now. This time, they are not in a good shape, because they have not won any trophy in the last few years. This situation has become even worse after the signing in summer of the young player, Sergio Ramos.
At the moment, the Spaniard is the team’s leader, but his contract is not yet up to date. The problem is that the player has not yet been able to show his best game.
Moreover, the fans of the club are not satisfied with the results of the players, who have not been able in the long tournament distance to demonstrate their maximum.
Despite the fact that the Spanish players have a good lineup, they do not have a lot to show. This has led to the fact, that the players do not always have a chance of getting into the playoffs and playing in the European cups.
Sergio Ramos has not been the main star of the Spanish national team for several tournaments, but in the new campaign, he will be the main one.
He will be one of the main players of the national team, and this is why the fans are so happy.
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The fans of Spanish national football are very happy with the performance of the current season. The main goal of the fans is to see the team in the top 4 of La ligue.
During the last season, Madrid club managed to get in the first position of the standings, but only after a number 3 finish. The fans are hoping that this season, they will get into a position to win the Champions cup.
Of course, the main goal for the fans this season is to get a place in European cups, but there are a number other things that the fans want to see, too.
Among the main goals, there are:
1. Getting into the top-4 of La Liga.
2. Winning the Champions Cup.
3. Winning a number in the national championship.
4. Winning gold medals in the international tournaments.
5. Winning medals in other tournaments. For example, the Europa cups. This season, many clubs have been in a difficult situation, because of the financial crisis.
Many clubs have failed, and many of them have left the championship. The financial crisis has affected the lives of many clubs, which have left La lige.
These clubs are now trying to get back to the top. The situation is not good, but many clubs are trying their best to get themselves out of this situation.