Pep: ‘Lionel Messi can’t repeat what he did last year’

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde has said that Lionel Messi can not repeat the success of last season, but he also said that the Argentine has the potential to become the best player in the world.
The Argentine is the best scorer of the tournament, but the team is not the strongest in the league. Messi is also not the best defender, which is another problem for the club.
Valverde also said the team will be more focused on the Champions League, where the team has a great chance to win the title.

“We’ll have to play with a higher level,” he said. “We have to fight for the title, we have to do everything to win it.”
Valve is looking forward to the new season of the Champions league, because it will be a chance to show the best game of the team, and to achieve the desired result.
‘We” will try to win all the matches in the group stage, and the team can also win the tournament.
Barça has a good chance to become a contender for the champion title, because the team’s main rivals are:
* Real;
* Atletico;
• Valencia;
and Atletico is a little behind the team in the standings.
In the Champions, the team needs to do its best, because Real and Atletico have already won it.
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Football results of the new year
The new year is in full swing, and football results of this season are already being seen.
At the beginning of the championship, the main favorites of the fight for gold medals were:
· Manchester City;
· Liverpool;
And the fight was fierce, but in the end, the Citizens won the title and became the first team to win three titles in a row.
It was the first time that the Citizens have won the English championship.
However, the club has already won the Champions trophy, so the team had a good start in the new campaign.
Also, the Premier League was won by the team of Josep Guardiola, who led the team for the first half of the season.
But the Catalan was not able to win gold medals, so he had to go to the Champions.
This time, the Champions was won with a score of 4:0.
Manchester United and Arsenal also won the championship. However, the latter was not at the level of the Red Devils, who were able to score 4:3.
Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were also not at their best, but they did not lose.
And so, the new championship is already in full flow, and we can expect the fight to continue until the last round.
Champions League table
The Champions League table is already being formed, and it is interesting to follow the results of all the teams.
Of course, the most interesting games are the matches between the top teams, because they are the most likely to win.
Arsenal and Liverpool are the main contenders for the victory, but there are also other teams that can become a real contender for gold.
Among the contenders for gold are: Barcelona; PSG; Bayern; Juventus; and Manchester United.
Now, the table of the teams that are able to finish in the first position is very interesting, because these teams have already shown their best game in the Champions tournament. The table of other teams is also interesting, but we will see how it will develop.
Team’ performance in the Europa League
The Europa League is another tournament that is becoming more and more popular.
For the first season, the competition was really intense, and now the teams play only 5 matches, and they do not have to face each other in the next season. The tournament is becoming even more interesting, and you can follow the development of the matches on the Europa league website.
There are several teams that have already managed to qualify for the next stage of the competition, and many of them are considered to be the real contenders for victory in the European cups.
These teams are: Ajax; Benfica; Liverpool; Chelsea; and PSG.
Ajax and Liverpool have already qualified for the Champions club, but Benfice and Chelsea are not far behind them.
PSG is also considered to have a good chances of winning the trophy, because of the following reasons:
1. Excellent teamwork.
2. Good results.
3. Good lineup.
As for the teams in the lower positions, they are not so strong, so it will not be easy for them to win a place in the top-4.
Many people believe that the main goal of the Parisians is to finish at the first place in their group, because this is the only way to get into the playoffs.
If they manage to do this, then they will be able to play in the playoffs against the teams from the lower groups.
Europa League table
The table of Europa League teams is very intriguing, because many teams have good chances to win in the tournament and get into a higher position.
One of the main teams that has a chance of winning is Ajax.