Ex-player named suspect in betting case

The former football player, who is now a coach, was found guilty of betting on matches involving Real Madrid.
The player was also found guilty in the case of the murder of a Spanish footballer, who was killed in a fight with his partner.
In the first case, the player was found not guilty, but in the second case, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The court found that the player had a conflict of interest when he was a coach of the team.
However, the court did not find him guilty in all cases.
It is still unclear whether the player will be able to appeal the verdict.
According to the Spanish press, the appeal will be made by the player’s lawyer.
He claims that the court’s decision was not based on the evidence, but on personal preferences.
If the player is acquitted in the first two cases, he will be the first football player to be tried for betting.
This is because the criminal law does not allow the conviction of a person for betting on a match.
Only a case of murder is allowed.
Another football player was accused of betting, but was acquitted.
Now, the situation is similar to that of the football player.
There are no guarantees that the criminal courts will find the accused not guilty.
But the situation in Spain is not the best, because there is a high level of corruption in the country.
That is why the courts are reluctant to find the guilty.
However the situation may change in the near future.
A new court case is being prepared.
Experts are saying that the new court will be more favorable to the accused.
They say that the situation will change in a year.
For example, the new case will be about the murder case of a football player from the Spanish championship.
At the moment, the suspect is a former football coach.
His name is Josep Guardiola.
During the trial, the lawyer of the accused claims that he was not aware of the fact that the accused was a former coach. He also claims that Guardiola was not involved in the murder.
Guardiola is the first Spanish football player who was accused by the court.
Previously, the accused were accused of the same crime.
One of the main questions is whether the accused will be acquitted. It is possible.
An important part of the trial was held in the court of the city of Madrid. The accused was in a room with the judge and the prosecutor.
After the trial ended, the judge gave the following statement:
“The court finds that the evidence against the accused is not strong and that the defendant’s guilt is not proven beyond reasonable doubt.
“Therefore, the decision of the court is not to find him not guilty.”
The judge also stated that the decision was based on personal preference.
Many experts believe that the judge will not give the accused a pass.
Therefore, it is very likely that the trial will continue.
Some experts believe it is possible that the suspect will be found not responsible for the crime. This is because there are a lot of witnesses who can testify against him.
Also, the case is very important for the Spanish football championship. If the suspect was found responsible, it would be a disaster for the national team. However, the judges are not giving the suspect a pass, so he will have to face the court again.
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Today, the main question is whether Guardiola will be convicted.
And if he is, will the Spanish team be able win gold medals again?

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