Eric Cantona: ‘Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho has more chance at Manchester United than Guardiola’

Arsène Wenger has a great chance to win the Premier League again, but his rivals are also very strong.

The Frenchman has a good chance of repeating his triumphs in the Champions League, but the fight for gold medals in the Premier league is more difficult.
The main rival of the Gunners is Manchester United. The Red Devils have a good squad, but they have not been able to demonstrate their full potential.
However, the Frenchman is confident that the team can win the coveted trophy again.
“We have a great opportunity to win again,” he said.
Wenger is confident of the outcome of the fight with the Red Devils, because the team is ready to fight for the title.
He said: “We are confident that we can win. We have a lot of players who are ready to do their best.”
The Gunners have a number of advantages over their rivals, including:
1. Excellent selection of players. The team has a lot to prove in the current season.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Tactical flexibility.
4. Individual skills of players, which allows Wenger to choose the right line of attack.
5. Good coaching skills of the Frenchman.
As a result, the team has the chance to achieve great results.
It is also worth noting that the Gunner has a very good chance to defend the title, because his rivals have a high level of experience and are stronger than the Gunns in several aspects.
For example, the Red devils have a better squad, which can be used in the domestic arena.
They have a very strong squad, too, which is capable of winning the Premier championship.
In the Champions league, the Gunnies have a slight advantage over the rivals, but it is not enough to get into the playoffs.
If the team manages to win gold medals, it will be the first time in a long time that the club will have won the coveted cup.
Argentina football live scores
The championship of Argentina is in full swing, and the teams are fighting for the coveted title. The tournament is very interesting, because it is a chance to show the best football.
This season, the main contenders for gold are:
* Boca Juniors;
* River Plate;
* Boca;
* Independiente.
Each team has its advantages and disadvantages, but all the teams have a chance of winning.
You can follow the results of the championship of Argentine on our website.
Boca Junior has a chance, too. The club is in a good shape, and it is ready for the fight.
All the latest news about the team are available on our site.
River Plate has a bright future, too; it is now in a very difficult position, but its rivals have an excellent squad.
Many of them are already in the playoffs, and they are ready for a fight. The main rival is Boca.
We will see whether the team will be able to withstand the pressure and win the title once again. The players of the team have a bright and promising future ahead of them.
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The football season is in the middle of its course, and many teams are trying to win a place in the European Cup zone.
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There are a lot more interesting tournaments than the Champions Cup, and we will try to provide you with the latest information about them. The championship of England is one of the most popular tournaments.
Fans from all over the world are waiting for the start of the new season, because this is a great tournament for the fans.
One of the main favorites of the tournament is Liverpool. The Reds have a fantastic lineup, which will allow them to achieve good results. They have a strong and stable squad. This is a good thing, because they have a long tournament distance ahead.
Liverpool is one the main candidates for the Champions cup, too — it is the team that has the best chances of winning it.
Here, the Reds have an advantage over their main rivals, because their lineup is more diverse and their squad is stronger.
Arsenal and Manchester United are also strong teams, but their rivals have stronger squads.
Both the teams can win gold, but Liverpool has a better chance of it. The fans have a right to be excited, because many great players of Liverpool are leaving the club.
Manchester City is a team that is not in a hurry to win any trophy. The Citizens have a stable lineup, but there are a few players who need to be replaced.
Of course, the club has a high chance of getting into the Champions club zone, but this is not the main goal of the club, which has a long distance ahead to the next stage.
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The US football season has already ended, and there is still a lot for fans to enjoy.
Among the most interesting tournaments are the playoffs of the National League, the playoffs for the National Conference and the playoffs in the Conference.